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- Our Story -

Welcome to O’Picado - Est. 2004

We are a family run restaurant serving dishes from Madeira Island. Fatima, the owner, grew up with the very same dishes she serves today.

The dishes served are in particular most traditionally associated with the Madeira Island.

In 2004 we opened the restaurant under its original name of Meet and Eat
Café. As our menu and large customer base grew, we became an established restaurant in 2006 under the name of O’Picado. In 2010 O’Picado became a company run by Fatima and her children. In 2015 we opened the sister restaurant Skewer House in Rochford, which is now owned by the oldest son Hugo, who also went to open his own estate agency, A Casa, in Rochford.

We then went to open our other sister restaurant, Skewer House in Taunton, which is now owned by Fatima's other son Diogo, who is also the Mayor for Bridgwater. Both the sons and the 3 girls still contribute towards the running of O’Picado in many ways.

Welcome to the Familia!

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